2018 brought me a few surprise engagements and honestly? They never get old for me. There is something so absolutely special about someone getting a ring that they have absolutely no idea about. Sweet Dave was so incredibly nervous about proposing but we worked out our plan early on the day of Chris + Jenny’s Civil Union Ceremony and it was ready, set, go.

After Chris and Jenny’s party was over and the boat had been cleared, Jenny had Claire come back to grab a “forgotten” item. In a quiet room, with just the two of them (and a camera, obviously!) – tears were shed, laughter happened and it was such a tender moment. Post proposal, they took a few minutes to take some we just got engaged shots. Taking a few moments after your proposal is absolutely something I encourage my couples to do – you are so blissed out and happy. It’s the perfect time to not get in your head about having your photo taken and just smile until your face hurts. Wishing nothing but love and light for these two.