Rob is one half of a dynamic couple that I’ve had the pleasure of working with before and is absolutely on my favorite human beings list.

While you can’t tell because he is cool, calm and collected – it was so impossibly hot the day we took these photos. I’m talking 7th circle of Hell, stay indoors in your undies hot. We’d had to move the session due to inclement weather previously so we were determined to get out and get it done but guys – did I mention that it was hot? Because it was hot. Really hot.

Kudos to Rob for being a trooper and traipsing around Meridian Hill Park with me, one of my absolute favorite spots in all of Washington, DC. Also, this is a great example of how outdoor headshots can still be absolutely professional but also give you flexibility to use the photos for other things without it feeling so business formal. While I can appreciate a studio session, there’s just something about being outdoors in the natural light that I’m always going to lobby for and these photos are an excellent case for that.