I could probably gush for a whole day about how sweet and kind both Chris and Jennifer were on their wedding day. I constantly try to remind my couples that wedding days have a way of going a little off track and that once you’re in them – you have to let things be. It’s important to just try to soak in every moment that you’ve planned for because this day belongs to you and your person!

Jennifer arrived to their ceremony with her father in a horse drawn carriage – a real life Disney princess, y’all and I loved it so deeply. I love the way these two smile at one another and how Chris’s only goal all day was to make Jenn happy and make sure that the appropriate era of hip-hop was played during their amazing, amazing reception.

It is also worth mention that Patrick from Charm City DJing was OUTSTANDING. As you can imagine, I meet a lot of deejays. Most of them are good but sometimes – they are great and Patrick was definitely in the latter group.