Victor A. | Washington, DC Headshot Photographer

You know how there are specific types of doctors who specialize in people who are nervous about their specialty? I’m thinking specifically about dentists and veterinarians. I think this is my time to proclaim that I’m the photographer for nervous people. If you’re the kind of person who says “I’m not photogenic!” or “I don’t […]

Kristin + Daniel | Annapolis,MD Engagement Photographer

The day this Annapolis engagement session was scheduled Mother Nature was being wildly indecisive. I stayed in constant contact with Kristin while we made a game time decision to out before the sky was supposed to open up and LOOK AT ALL THIS GORGEOUSNESS! We started at an Annapolis park and then headed over to […]

Katharina | Washington, DC Headshot Photographer

These photos of Katharina are so quintessentially DC to me and I love that. Headshots don’t need to be boring or taken in a studio (although I love those too!) and can be a chance to reflect your personality as well as not have a photo on your linkedin profile that you took with your […]