These two. By now some of you will know that my motto for weddings is “do what you want”. Your wedding should be nothing but the things that bring you joy and happiness. Justin and Maria’s day embodied this in a major, major way. First – they got married on a Monday. Yep. A Monday. Not a holiday, just a regular Monday. They’re day was filled with all of these small details that were so meaningful to the two of them and I loved it so deeply.

From Maria singing a solo at their reception, to their secret dance for the guests, even Maria’s commitment to super tall shoes – all of it felt so personal and sweet and unique. Yes, weddings have lots of things in common but there are so many opportunities to go out on a limb and just do what feels right and good and these two did just that.

Also, if you are in the DC, MD, VA area and are looking for a small to medium-sized wedding venue – Milton Ridge is BEAUTIFUL. It is wildly unassuming but has a chapel on-site and a stunning bridal cottage. There were so many amazing places to photograph and overall it was just such a great place for a wedding and I would not hesitate to recommend it.