Edwin and Kelondra’s wedding was one of the last ones I photographed in 2019 and if you asked Kelondra she might remember that at the end I cried while saying goodbye to her. I don’t cry at most weddings. Not because my heart is made of stone but probably because my brain is so laser-focused on work but Edwin and Kelondra had some of the most heartfelt and beautiful vows I have ever heard at any wedding and they just stuck with me through the day. 

Besides that – the way that these two champion one another? How easygoing and kind they were? It was such an impossibly perfect way to be able to wrap up my season. I am so thankful for all of my brides and especially so for ones like Kelondra who are gracious and beautiful. I am very lucky to get to do this job

I would be remiss in not mentioning the beauty that is St. Francis Hall– a DC wedding venue that is intimate and so, so beautiful. I am always excited to get an opportunity to work there.