Shaq + Jordan | The Villa Beltsville, MD Wedding Photographer

I love and appreciate the traditions that come with a wedding ceremony but I also very much love when people throw things out of the window and do what just feels right and good for themselves. Shaq’s navy suit and turtleneck? So refined and so perfect. Jordan’s stunning dress WITH pockets? Flawless. Also – these […]

The A Family | Washington, DC National Harbor Family Photographer

You will find the incredibly sweet A family all over my website. Engagement, wedding, maternity, family – all of it. It is one of my life’s greatest and happiest honors to become your family photographer. I so deeply appreciate being able to come into your lives, into your homes and take photos that will live […]

The W Family | Takoma Park Family Photographer

Please let me come and hang out with your kids! Bonus – you will have fantastic photos to hold onto. One of the things I am most proud of is that children like me. Yes, even yours will. They might take a moment to warm but I am patient and it will happen. When planning […]