The Rogers | Montclair,NJ Micro Wedding Photographer

The pandemic has robbed so many of us of so much. But, I think when we’re trying to look at bright sides, there are a few. One of those is that it’s helped a lot of us focus on what is important and valuable. While I love and appreciate a huge wedding, a wedding should […]

The A Family | Silver Spring, MD Family Photographer

All I can do when I look at these photos is swoon at how much this kid loves his baby shark. While we managed to steal Sharkie away for a few photos – there’s absolutely nothing wrong with letting your kids have their “lovies” in photos. The things children love are such incredible markers of […]

The B Family | Silver Spring,MD Family Photographer

Sometimes my friends become clients and sometimes it’s the other way around. No matter which way it happens – getting to photograph people I adore is such a gift. This is also a reminder that your kids are going to only do what they want at our sessions. Can you bring m&m’s to bribe them? […]

The W Family | Washington, DC Family Photographer

One of the things that gives me the most joy is building relationships with my clients. It really does not get old getting to spend time with your families and watching your kids grow. I will happily give you guidance during sessions, but I also deeply love about letting your littles run around. The days […]

Essaite | Arlington, VA Portrait Photographer

I know I’m biased but I think it’s so important to have a photo of yourself that isn’t one taken on a cell phone. Headshots don’t need to be taken in a studio to convey professionalism. Moreover, it’s always good to have an updated one one hand – just in case. #headshotsdonthavetobeboring and honestly – […]