Family sessions are some of my very favorite things to photograph. Every family is unique and special and the very best advice I could give is to try your level best to be relaxed. I always jokingly tell parents that photographing children (especially little ones!) is more stressful for you than it will ever be for me. Be prepared for them to be patient, or stubborn or totally goofy – or whatever version of themselves shows up that day. The time your kids are little is so short so letting them be themselves? It’s so special and important to capture.

I encourage clients to bring along something your kids might be into – this could be a stuffed animal, a book, or even your pet (Yes! you can bring your dog!) because it brings them a sense of comfort and gives you something to focus on for a least a small portion of your session.

This is probably my top question for family sessions and before you go and have to spend countless hours scouring Pinterest I can try to help (but just in case you’d like visuals – here is a Pinterest board that I created to help you).

1. Think complimentary and not matchy-matchy.
You are certainly well within your right to be dressed alike if that’s what you want to do in your photos but I’ve found that trying to look similar but not exactly the same can give your photos a very timeless and thoughtful feel.

2. Comfort over fashion
I’m a fan of doing formal clothing but if you have kids in the single digits – keep in mind that we’re already asking them to do something outside of their wheelhouse which can be made more uncomfortable if things get too fancy. Also, for parents – keep your location in mind – if your session is taking place in a park, there is a chance there will be at least a little walking involved so if you’re wearing heels – absolutely feel free to stick a pair of flip-flops or comfortable shoes to wear while we move from place to place.

3. Do Whatever You Want!
I wrote all of the above only to tell you that you can and should do whatever makes you happy. Want to let your kid pick out their outfit? Do it. Want to represent your favorite sports time? Let’s go (insert team)! Ultimately, your photos should be what makes you happy and so while this is a guide – there are no rules!