Clint Smith III | Silver Spring, MD Headshot Photographer

This job has led to met so many incredibly fantastic people and Clint Smith is one of those. A person who is so impossibly kind, smart and amazing – that getting to talk to him about his work before it was introduced to the world? What a gift. If you haven’t secured a copy of […]

Kourtney | Columbia, MD Portrait Photographer

This is Kourtney who managed to start a succsessful real estate career while teaching full-time. To celebrate, she booked a portrait session and I really love the spirit of that! I love when people dare to chase dreams and Kourtney is a reminder that you should always do that. If something sparks joy in your […]

The F Family | Herndon, VA Family Photographer

I really do love the intimate feel of in-home, lifestyle sessions. Sessions with your family that focus less on the posing and more on the just being. Lifestyle sessions are particularly ideal for families with newborns because they can be decidedly unpredictable. Bonus? You don’t even have to wear shoes if you don’t want to. […]

Cameron | Loudon Country High School Senior Photographer

I always say I never quite get enough opportunities to photograph senior boys and to be honest? I would like to claim that for me going forward because I love photographing the fellas too. Senior photos are such a good time to celebrate the precipice of newness and for teens to reflect on their accomplishments […]

Julie | Washington, DC Headshot Photographer

While I can appreciate the formality of headshots taken in a studio setting, I will always be team #headshotsdonthavetobeboring. Headshots taken in environmental locations can be just as professional and useful as any others. These headshots of Julie were taken at a local DC park and they feel warm, approachable and contemporary which is everything […]

Uri Robinson | Washington, DC Branding + Headshot Photographer

This was my second opportunity to photograph Uri Robinson. Uri is a local DC-area financial coach and educator who is a fountain of information. Essentially what Uri does is teach people how to be financially empowered. As soon as anyone listens to him speak about it, it’s clear he knows what he’s talking about and […]