The B Family | Washington, DC Family Photographer

Life isn’t perfect and your kids don’t need to perfectly styled and dressed to the nines for our sessions. I love the comfortable and relaxed feel of these fall family photos. I love watching the girls become more and more relaxed as our session went on getting to have fun with your kids and make […]

The K Family | Washington, DC Family Photographer

I will forever be the voice urging you to not hold off on taking photos of your children. While there is beauty in finding the perfect outfits and locations – you can’t cherish photos that you don’t take! There is also value in understanding that if you don’t make too big a deal out of […]

The Rogers | Montclair,NJ Micro Wedding Photographer

The pandemic has robbed so many of us of so much. But, I think when we’re trying to look at bright sides, there are a few. One of those is that it’s helped a lot of us focus on what is important and valuable. While I love and appreciate a huge wedding, a wedding should […]

The A Family | Silver Spring, MD Family Photographer

All I can do when I look at these photos is swoon at how much this kid loves his baby shark. While we managed to steal Sharkie away for a few photos – there’s absolutely nothing wrong with letting your kids have their “lovies” in photos. The things children love are such incredible markers of […]

The B Family | Silver Spring,MD Family Photographer

Sometimes my friends become clients and sometimes it’s the other way around. No matter which way it happens – getting to photograph people I adore is such a gift. This is also a reminder that your kids are going to only do what they want at our sessions. Can you bring m&m’s to bribe them? […]