Engagements + Couples

Aaron + Amber | Washington, DC Engagement Photographer

If you’re thinking about giving photography as a gift – let me be the person who tells you how smart you are! Aaron and Amber were gifted a session by Aaron’s cousin before they eloped and it was such a thoughtful and brilliant gift. I photographed this two on an early morning in and around […]

Joshua + Patricia | Patapsco State Park Engagement Session

These sweet engagement photos were taken in Patapsco Valley State Park and I want to tell you guys that these two? They are troopers! We walked and walked and walked and walked and walked some more only to find out that the ruins we wanted to visit have been vandalized by kids. One thousand mosquito […]

Joey + Maddy | Baltimore, MD Engagement Photographer

Joey + Maddy are such a sweet, fantastic couple. I could go on and on and on about their calm but infectious energy but I’m not going to gush – I think you get the picture (pun intended!). We photographed around Baltimore and it was just so incredibly beautiful and fun!

Emil + Nina | Washington, DC Engagement Photographer

It might seem silly to some people but for me – one of the real gifts of being a working photographer is seeing love in motion. When two people are on the brink of something so special & sweet and you get to be a part of it? It makes everything so worth it. Emil […]