Families + Children

The A Family | Capital Hill Washington, DC Family Photographer

The A family booked this tiny session when they moved from one house to the next and realized that in the midst of (gestures wildly) everything – they hadn’t documented their baby’s first home. This is where I, your intrepid photographer, tells you that tiny sessions are amazing for you and your tiny humans and […]

The F Family | Herndon, VA Family Photographer

I really do love the intimate feel of in-home, lifestyle sessions. Sessions with your family that focus less on the posing and more on the just being. Lifestyle sessions are particularly ideal for families with newborns because they can be decidedly unpredictable. Bonus? You don’t even have to wear shoes if you don’t want to. […]

The V Family | Washington, DC Family Photographer

It never gets old watching kids relax in front of the camera lens. Watching them go from shy to wild in a few frames? It’s absolutely priceless to me. You can count on your kids are going to be exactly who they are during your sessions. They are going to run and leap and laugh […]

The C Family | Washington, DC Holiday Family Photographer

These holiday photos are so incredibly festive and so much fun. While we had a plan for where to meet, we also just let the session unfold naturally. We spent some time just walking along the sidewalks as well as into the adjacent neighborhoods. I love being able to help all of you capture the […]

The C Family | Fairfax, VA Family Photographer

These sweet family photos were taken at Green Spring Garden Park on one of the last comfortable fall days. One of the things I encourage you to do is come into your session fully understanding that your kids probably won’t be the perfect angels you want them to be. It’s better to just let them […]

The B Family | Washington, DC Family Photographer

Life isn’t perfect and your kids don’t need to perfectly styled and dressed to the nines for our sessions. I love the comfortable and relaxed feel of these fall family photos. I love watching the girls become more and more relaxed as our session went on getting to have fun with your kids and make […]