Portraits + Headshots

Uri Robinson | Washington, DC Headshot Photographer

Headshots don’t have to be boring. They don’t have to be taken against a backdrop. They don’t have to be indoors. Headshots can be whatever it is that YOU want them to be and still get their point across. Uri runs Robinson Consulting Group and is one of those people who is just fundamentally amazing […]

Melissa C. | Washington, DC Branding + Lifestyle Photographer

This stunning human being is Melissa, a Washington, DC-based lifestyle blogger who I had the most amazing and fun time photographing. Melissa wanted to have some photos for her new website and guys – she came FULLY PREPARED. A suitcase full of outfits and shoes and this face! Branding can be so vital to businesses […]

Krystal | Washington, DC Headshot Photographer

DC has lots of fantastic places for photography and together we will absolutely find the best place for your photos. Krystal knew for sure she didn’t want to spend the bulk of her session outside in DC’s notoriously swampy summer weather so we made sure most of her images were done indoors but still stayed […]

Charles | Washington, DC Headshot Photographer

No matter how my clients find their way to me, I am always thankful that they do. One of the things that I pride myself on is making everyone who steps in front of my camera feel comfortable. I keep telling you guys that #headshotsdonthavetobeboring (I really should put that on a tshirt) and I […]

Suzanne | Greenbelt, MD Portrait Photographer

I will tell you that I have an arsenal of locations that I like to work and generally my clients choose places that I have been before but this time – Suzanne chose our location at Buddy Attick Lake Park in Greenbelt and it was a dream to not only photograph her but to do […]

Virginia | Washingto, DC Portrait Photographer

Shortly before Miss Virginia celebrated her 80th birthday – her family gifted her a session with me. On a pretty muggy DC day, we ventured out and captured these images. One of my favorite parts of this job is getting to hear the stories that people share with me. Learning about what you do, what […]